We support Egyptian social innovators to grow their enterprises through access to a curated global network of technical experts, credible data, and a like-minded community of peers.


Impact comes through visibility, connectivity, and collaboration.
LEEP provides a values-based network of changemakers collectively working to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities across Egypt.


Applying is easy. Fill out out the short application below to let us know more about yourself and your social enterprise. Become a part of a select group of social innovators from across Egypt.


The LEEP initiative program will pilot through summer 2020, with a focus on the sectors of education and environment.
After the pilot ends, we plan to expand to additional sectors.

If you are an entrepreneur who works in another sector, but still interested in joining the LEEP community, we would still love to be in touch to welcome you once we complete our pilot phase.
If you are a support organization that leads training programs, or a professional with expertise or skills that could benefit Egyptian social entrepreneurs, we would love to collaborate.

Simply fill out this form and we will be in touch.


How it Works

Eliminating borders for knowledge exchange by connecting the best of Egypt with the best of the world

LEEP stands for ‘Library and Ecosystem Engagement Platform’. The driving force behind LEEP is providing access to the evidence-based knowledge and resources necessary to empower changemakers to scale their impact.

We outreach to social entrepreneurs across Egypt to better understand their needs and recognize gaps in the ecosystem. We then reach into our trusted network of experts around the world to create linkages that bridge these gaps, generate growth, and leap-frog solutions for Egypt through its social innovators.

Through a unique combination of in-person and online support, we will foster a collaborative community in which members can freely exchange knowledge and experiences to help grow their start-ups.

Learn more about the vision of LEEP in our full length concept video.


Access to Resources

We are democratizing access to knowledge and networks so that all of our initiatives can benefit.

LEEP provides a combination of offline and online resources to support members wherever they are.

Through the online platform, members of the LEEP community will be connected to global industry experts and a community of like-minded innovators in Egypt and from across the globe. In person meet-ups throughout the year will deepen those connections.

We believe solutions are often much closer to home than we realize and by creating a culture of knowledge exchange, authentic human connection and community collaboration, together, we can unleash the immense potential for impact in Egypt.


Offline Support

• An invitation to the LEEP launch event in January 2020, where you will meet other members of the LEEP pilot community from across Egypt and globally.

• Monthly in-person meetups in governorates around Egypt for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, debates, discussions and social events.

• Annual retreat to bring together the entire LEEP community of social innovators to deepen relationships, and promote knowledge exchange and collaboration toward common goals.


Online Support

• Monthly online training sessions, webinars and live Q&As with global experts specific to members’ sector.

• Access to a dynamic social innovation map of Egypt, to see which social innovators are doing what and where, and access sector statistics to enable market insights that support your work.

• Benefit from and contribute to an interactive knowledge hub of curated and community-sourced data and knowledge of value to the Egyptian social innovation community.



The LEEP for Collaborative Impact initiative will officially launch at an event that gathers the community in January 2020. To cement these bonds, the LEEP community of innovators will travel and enjoy a retreat together.

Community connections and knowledge exchange will continue through in-person local meet-ups that are further supported with online trainings, webinars, and global Q&A's on hot topics of interest to the community.

In summer 2020, we will complete an initial evaluation of LEEP with the intention of opening up applications in additional sectors the following year.


Submit Applications
October 2019

Applications are due by November 15, 2019. Interviews held in November 2019. Notification of final selection will happen by December 15, 2019.


Launch Event
January 2020

Accepted applicants of the LEEP community will be sponsored to attend the LEEP launch event in Egypt the first week of January 2020.


Monthly Meet-ups & Retreat
Spring 2020

Monthly in-person meetups, and a group retreat held during the months of January-June 2020 will establish the knowledge exchange community


Pilot Evaluation
Summer 2020

In summer 2020, we will complete an initial evaluation of LEEP to assess it’s efficacy and open applications to additional social impact sectors.


How to Apply

You are eligible to join the pilot LEEP community if you:

1. Have worked full time in your social enterprise for at least 1 year (we are looking to accept a diversity of experience from 1-10 years).

2. Are excited to attend the LEEP launch event, monthly meet-ups, and community retreat from January-June 2020.

3. Believe it is important to give a little so that you may take a lot. You are willing to share your knowledge and experiences knowing that this will help others, and that other others’ knowledge and experiences will help you.

Applications are open now to join a select group of Egyptian social innovators that will launch our LEEP pilot community. In our first year, 2020, we will pilot in two sectors: education and environment





Are you an Egyptian social innovator working in the area of education or environment? Do you fit the criteria and are excited to be a part of something new, that will link local and global resources to build the social innovation community in Egypt?

Then we encourage you to apply to join the LEEP community by filling out the simple application below. Applications are due by October 30, 2019.

Apply to join the LEEP community today.